Why you Should go for The IN600 HF Mailing System

In a dynamic business environment, getting jobs done quickly and effectively in necessary. The IN600 HF Mailing System is among the latest in the series of mailers specially made to make work easier and faster for you. The mailing system is affordable and guarantees 100% value for you money.

Why should you choose the IN600 HF Mailing System?

The IN600 HF Mailing System is of superior quality. It meets and even goes beyond the USPS fluorescence requirements for metered mails processing. It measure 33″L x 15″D x 12″H but allows you to automatically adjust the thickness to your preference up to 12 inches. It has a very high processor speed of up to 75 letters per minute and uses UV Fluorescent Ink Cartridge.. With the IN600 HF Mailing System, you can be sure that all your mailing jobs complete in no time.

It has been fitted with powerful business apps that enables you to have control over mailing operations and costs as well. This applications allow you to track the record for each department. It also provides you the option of allocating costs and time periods that each department should use.

The IN600 HF Mailing System has been designed in such a way that it allows more than one operator. It allows up to 50 operators! Additionally it allows each operator to have a pin code for protection. The IN600 HF Mailing System has been designed to allow a standard 35 departments but allows for an upgrade of up to 100 and 300 departments.

The IN600 HF Mailing System has been specially made with your business in mind. It allows you to add your business slogans, business logos and even private messages. This ensures that you can market your products and services to your clients. It also allows you to setup an automatic mail print class.

This mailer is the perfect choice for any business be it small, medium or even large. Additionally the mailer has been tested for Eco -friendliness and it has a Neopost ECO label on it. If you need an effective mailing system that gives you value for your money, The IN600 HF Mailing System is the system to go for.

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