Freight Bill Factoring Keeps Many Truckers on the Road

It is a plain fact that many in the trucking industry are trying to simply survive until things turn around. And the members of the trucking industry have varied profiles. There are large national and regional carriers who are cutting expenses by letting drivers go, small to medium local and regional trucking firms who are following the same course of action and independent truckers with fixed expenses and no revenue if they are not on the road.ZOb42eJb

Each of these types of trucking entities is implementing specific measures to remain solvent until the economic storm passes. Some, unfortunately, will not make it. But one method many truckers use to keep their cash flow moving and their financial heads above water is professional freight bill factoring.

Factoring freight bills is a practice that is certainly not new to the trucking industry. I used to work in sales for a small trucking firm and the company could not have operated were it not for the practice of factoring their invoices. Factoring is, essentially, an agreement between a company and a “factor” whereby the factoring agent provides the company with cash advances in exchange for the company’s invoices or receivables. Depending on a variety of conditions, the factoring agent will advance to the company anywhere from 70 – 90% of the value of the invoices. Once the invoices are collected, the company receives the balance of the cash due less a small percentage that the factor is compensated for advancing the cash against the invoices. This rate is typically between 1-3%.

As any trucker will tell you, waiting to get paid by clients can be terribly frustrating. The customer wants the best possible terms for providing their freight business to the trucker and the trucking firm can wait anywhere from 30-90 days to get paid. In the meantime, there are drivers to be paid, trucks to be maintained, fuel to be purchased, etc. And those expenses must be paid right away. A driver is not going to wait up to 90 days waiting for the company to get paid so the company has to either have a large surplus of cash (which is not likely in a trucking enterprise) or access to a line of credit against which they can draw. And we all know what it’s like to get credit these days.

The fact is, the trucker does have an asset in the form of the receivables outstanding through the issued invoices. Eventually, they will get that money and the factoring agent knows that. Consequently, they are willing to “buy” these invoices at a discount from the trucking company and provide most of the cash value right away. This arrangement puts much-needed cash in the hands of the trucker and a few percentage points of the total value in the pocket of the factoring agent or company.

In the current economic climate, factoring is becoming more widespread as a form of financing. Factoring has been widely used by the trucking industry, healthcare and construction industries for quite some time. However, as credit becomes tighter and payment is even slower in coming, many companies are turning to factoring as a means of staying solvent and, in some cases, growing their business.

As I said, the trucking industry tends to be a leading indicator of economic trends. The use of freight bill factoring has made the industry has into one of the leading proponents of factoring receivables as a form of financing. Let’s hope both the trucking and factoring industries are trending in a positive direction for the foreseeable future.

Purchase Fireworks Online For Convenience and Savings

banger-160847_640Fireworks are the best way of highlighting a personal or national achievement. Nothing comes close to in terms of showing the world just how happy you are at a particular moment in time. Unfortunately, buying fireworks is a bit of a hassle for many people especially those yet to take advantage of the internet. They have to travel across distances, carrying highly explosive material and dealing with numerous regulative bodies along the way. Even those who live close to stores selling fireworks do not see the advantages that normally come from being close to a supplier of close you needs. Here are some benefits of ordering fireworks online that would show you why this type of purchase is an emerging and unstoppable trend.

It is convenient for you.

Getting the type of fireworks you want is not easy at all. Some stores have girandola. Others have chrysanthemum while some store peony. Perhaps you need more variety than just these three. You may even be looking for something unique. Getting your particular brand of fireworks may cost you numerous trips in and around the city, but an online shop can offer you everything at the click of a button. You do not even have to move from your home meaning that you will not spend a single cent on gas money. You will also save time and a lot of effort so why run around town looking for what you want when you can just purchase fireworks online.

You can purchase fireworks online at a minimal cost.

Fireworks manufacturers set their prices, but that is not what consumers pay for the good produced by these firms. Instead, other players such as distributors, wholesalers, and retailers have to increase their prices so that they can cater to their expenses in addition to making profit. Ordering fireworks online allows you to skip as many intermediaries as possible meaning that you will pay a lower price for fireworks than most people do. You can use these savings for other purposes like buying more decorations for the celebrations than you currently have. These are all the benefits that come with purchasing fireworks online. Take advantage of them today by using the internet to buy them for your party.

Rare Magnets Can Be Customized

magnetic-compass-390912_640When it’s time for you to obtain magnets for whatever application you may need them for you, have got a range of components and configurations to pick from. The three standard varieties of magnets are permanent stock magnets, flexible magnets, and rare earth magnets. Let’s do a rundown on each one of the core rare earth magnet types to enable you to have a very brief summary of what each is capable of.

Permanent stock rare earth magnet are classified as the family that is most frequently employed. The most popular of all of these is the incredibly well-known alnico magnet in any horseshoe shape. They’re also found in rods or cylinders. The alnico is excellent for high-temperature applications since its service temperature limit is 525 degrees Celsius. It is not easy metamorph as it is hard and brittle. The other variety is channel and base assemblies. This is the very broad type of magnets rare earth that make use of a magnet plus a steel cup or channel. They’re very flexible in their applications and ideal for holding and positioning. They will all come with installing holes which can allow the magnet to become secured with a screw or bolt in a set position.

Flexible magnets are the ones you will find yourself comfortable with should you have magnets on your family fridge. They can be regularly used for decoration and may have one side laminated in vinyl for printing on. They come slender enough that they’ll be placed through ink jet printers while thicker types would be the choice for vehicle signage. They all have the option of getting silk screened, die cut, pad printed and hot stamped. Creative options could include dry erase, reduced to length, high-speed kiss cutting, laminating and punching. A higher energy flexible strip magnet can be readily available for applications that require a greater magnetic power. These more powerful magnets will have the same choices for printing as the standard variety.

There are two sorts of rare earth magnets. The weakened of these two is samarium cobalt. It might be less strong, but it excels in hot temperature conditions. It’s also a more expensive alternative and it is typically only used only when it’s essential to possess a greater resistance to high-temperature sources. They are usually processed into small blocks and discs, but rings and large blocks are available. Neodymium magnets are classified as the most useful magnets out there. They are the only choice when optimum energy becomes necessary. They’re usually nickel plated to shield their delicate nature and are available in blocks, discs, and rings. The absolute maximum service temperature is usually around 125 – 150 degrees Celsius.

Those are the most elementary magnets available today. Other choices include tool-specific attractions, and there is a whole gamut of options available for tailor-made jobs. Both these magnet types would be best handled in their individual articles as each one has many variations. When you have requirements not met by these primary magnet types, you may want to look at the customized options with a reliable dealer next time you get magnets.