Using a Staffing Agency to Find a Career

job recruitersJob staffing agencies like Priority Professional Group are invaluable to hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource managers as they help make the recruiting process a lot easier. Finding and selecting the right people to fill open positions and empty seats in the workforce is crucial to the health of a business. When you are in need of employment services, pick a reliable business staffing agency to work with so you can make sure that each stage of the recruitment process is done professionally, whether you need a temporary, direct to hire, or temporary to permanent placement. The right job staffing agency can help you fill open positions with the most fitting entry level to management and executive workers that can become valuable assets to your business in the long run. Here are other reasons why you should consider working with an employment agency on your next job opening:

To save time on the recruitment process. Most employees are kind enough to follow protocol and give their two weeks’ notice when leaving their posts. However, there are workers who for some reason, resign without notice and quit on the spot. Some still, may have to be terminated in the soonest time possible. When a vacant position is left unfilled, the organization can lose productivity and while remaining employees may be willing to take on additional responsibilities, they may not be as effective in doing their own tasks when they are given too much to do in a given period. This might make your productivity rates suffer. Business staffing agencies can help cut the recruitment time as they have pre-screened and qualified candidates to send to your workplace as you need them.

To save money. While business staffing agencies do charge markup fees, these fees are often only minimal compared to other expenses you must pay for when doing the recruitment yourself. Instead of paying for an expensive classified or national job board ad, and spend a good deal of money on skill tests, pre-screening assessments and other background evaluations, you get to source pre-screened employees from a pool of highly qualified individuals who have already completed the prerequisites of the position you want to fill.

To save resources. An HR person may have so many responsibilities and duties on their plate that taking on recruitment can mean a great burden to add to their already packed task lists. To work with a staffing agency frees up your HR manager’s plate and enables him or her to focus more on internal HR duties.